Spindrift December 15, 2022


Last week’s luncheon was held in the lower dining room at the Newport Beach Yacht Club, and 20 members were in attendance. President Ken DuFour opened the meeting with an invocation, asking the Lord to intervene on behalf of Marj Collins, who is presently in hospice, and to give us His blessings for her physical, emotional and psychological well-being. On a lighter note, Ken asked for lots of snow in Mammoth so that our Secretary, Richard Swinney, would be able to enjoy skiing in Mammoth this coming weekend. Richard responded by leading the salute to Old Glory. Lunch served this week served as a buffet, consisted of a greesn salad, chicken breast with sliced tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables. Yummie!

The View of the Back Bay From NBYC


Football Commissioner Mike Gertner announced the results of last week’s pool along with an explanation for this week’s ballot which will be the last one for the calendar year. The ballot consists of the Army-Navy game along with a number of obscure bowl games, most of which are unrecognizable. Mike explained that all the “big” bowl games are held on or near New Year’s Day, and these are the majority of games which will be played this week. Mike then outlined the results of the Week 14 Football Pool: there were 22 players in the pool; 12 favorites and 8 underdogs were on the winning end, and the tiebreaker number for last week was 80! The low score of 8 correct answers was “won” by Roger Summers. There was a tie for the high score of 15 correct answers between Mike Newcomb and Bob Kinton, and Bob won first prize of $32 with the closer tiebreaker number; Mike walked away with the $5 second prize.


Wally Ziglar entertained us with another of his quizzes, this one having to do with the recent passing of Frederick Swann, master organist at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove from 1982 through the end of the century. Wally’s quiz was related to the number of pipes on the organ at the Cathedral, and our answers were gross underestimates; the actual number of pipes is over 16,000, making it one of the largest pipe organs in the world!

Some of Us at Lunch


Andrew Shortt

Our Treasurer, Dr. Bob Wood, announced that the CA/NV District is sending us another 100 football books for the upcoming Bowl Games. The first payout will occur on December 22, so the only meeting which will be held before that time will be the coming week at the Newport Rib Company. Prices will be $24 for one book, two for $46, 3 for $66. 4 for $84, 5 for $100, with a limit of 10 books per person. If you cannot attend the meeting this week, and you are interested in purchasing tickets, please contact Dr. Bob by email.....Don’t forget this year’s Holiday Party which will be held at Cynthia and Kurt Strasmann’s home this coming Saturday, 12/17, beginning at 6 pm.....This week’s luncheon meeting will be at the Newport Rib Company. Secretary Richard Swinney will be sending you an invitation as usual....Shirley Lashmett announced that eleven of our members responded to the “25 Days of Christmas” fundraiser for a small Exchange Club in South County, and there were two winners from our club: Jerry Nininger, and Shirley, who both won Gift Cards.


Our Speaker of the Day is Andrew (Andy) Shortt, one of our newer members, who has been asked to give his “5-minute life story”. President Ken DuFour passed the mike to Andrew, who began with his birth along with his twin sister Megan in Boston in 1982, where most of his family continue to live He left Boston with his immediate family at the age of 4 and moved to New Hope, PA, where he grew up, graduated high school, and still maintains close contact with 7 or 8 of his best friends there. Andrew played virtually every sport offered by his school. After high school, he moved back to Boston. He enjoys snow boarding, and moved to Killington, VT, working at the Ski Resort there while entertaining the idea of taking up snowboarding as a career. He then moved to Mammoth in CA and lived there for 10 years, working a few days a week while snowboarding the rest of the time. He met a girl in Mammoth, who lived in Newport Beach, and he then moved to Newport where he surfed. He got involved with the property management industry, progressing to real estate. He is now a partner with Compass. He met his wife, Lauren, who is also in real estate, via one of the earliest online dating services, and married this year after a 5-year relationship. His sister Megan passed away recently, and was active in veteran’s affairs, which was an avenue that Andrew wanted to continue to pursue. Andrew was initially invited to lunch at the Exchange Club by his sponsor, Wally Ziglar, where he attended a presentation by a veteran who helped his father and him maximize veterans benefits. He has since expressed his appreciation for what we as an organization are doing for the community.

The Rest of Us at Lunch

RAFFLE(S) – Today’s raffle was won by Fran Murphy and Roy Shlemon, both of whom took home $22.




Dec 22, 29, 2022 - NO MEETINGS—Happy Holidays!

Pres. Ken DuFour

Jan 5, 2023 - Richard D. Downie, Ph.D., Personal World Affair Council of O.C.

Jan 12  - Dr. Wes Smith, Newport Mesa USD Super

Jan 19  - Business Meeting

This week’s meeting will be held at the… Newport Rib Co.. Lunch will be served at 12:20 p.m. You will be emailed an invitation two days before the meeting. Please notify Richard Swinney by this Wednesday at 2 pm if you are planning on attending.

David Schapiro, Editor

David Schapiro, Editor