Spindrift January 28, 2021

Members started showing up at noon as invited by Secretary Richard Swinney, and the meeting began with President George sharing with us some ideas for the great respect we have for three cultures. Reliable Zoomer Garry TeWinkle led us in the Pledge with some patriotic humor, and George quizzed us on a lot of detail about the relevant Start Spangled Banner. It was created in 1814, during the siege of Fort McHenry near Baltimore, by Francis Scott Key, a lawyer who was on a British ship at the time. The Fort’s defenders took turns making sure that the large U.S. flag (fifteen stars and fifteen stripes) was always up. Although the Navy recognized it officially as “their” flag in 1889, it was not until 1931 that Congress officially declared it to be our National Anthem, signed by President Herbert Hoover.


Fran Murphy described how speedy hers had been and Ed Romeo noted some difficulty getting an appointment.

Diane Daruty emphasized the importance of persistence in attacking the computer site early in the morning, leading to a successful result for her. George noted that former Mayor Will O’Neill has also been frustrated with not being able to influence the process.


Richard highlighted recent Board results, noting our plan to proceed with the “Proudly we Hail” awards. Discussion leaned towards recognizing flag displayers and first responders as well as vets. The Investment account did exceptionally well in December and January. The Field of Honor committee met and concluded that we will proceed with a limited display, such as 300 flags this year if approvals are granted. We need to prepare for this with a work session in February, for a fun work-day to get the flags ready.

Bob Wood noted a few of the highlights passed to members electronically, including the ownership of a $2,000 with of new equipment (camera, computer, projector) consistent with current connection designs, ready to use when we meet together. He also noted that his wife Lynda’s PEO sorority group has met four times since the pandemic started in their yard and home while maintaining social distancing and bringing their own lunches. See nearby photo. Bob offered to have our meetings at his home this same way until the BCYC can have us back. Panera box lunches are $10.49 to $11.99 depending on choices. The meetings could also be zoomed as before when we were at BCYC. It seemed like there was interest in trying this out.


President Shirley noted two important items: Super Bowl donation tickets are on sale by going to http://bit.ly/2LqNlrT and making a donation to the District Foundation, with the same payoff odds that we are used to. Also, District has decided to have a midwinter Zoom conference on Feb 20, probably 9am to 1pm.

Newly passed Proposition 19 gives Californians additional ways to move from their current residence to another part of California and still retain their current property tax base. Under Prop 19, anyone who is severely disabled, victim of a natural disaster or hazardous waste contamination---and all California homeowners 55 or over can move anywhere in the state and retain their property tax base.-- If they purchase a new home that cost no more than the sale price of the home they sold. And---they can do this three times. If they purchase a more expensive home, there may be some upward assessment on the cost of the new home over the sale price of the old. A couple still qualifies as “55 or over” if one of the spouses is under age 55.

Also, under Prop 19, If a child or grandchild inherits the principal residence of a parent or grandparent, they can retain the parent or grandparent’s property tax basis---but, only if they move to the inherited residence as their principal residence. If they use the inherited property for other purpose ( e.g.-- as rental or vacation property) the inherited property will be re-assessed to the value at date of inheritance. But, if the child/grandchild decides to sell the inherited property, for income tax purposes their deemed cost (income tax basis—which is different from property tax basis)) of the property is the fair market value of the inherited property at date of inheritance. So, if they sell the inherited property right away, there should be no income tax on the sale.

Caveat: There are nuances to the above new law which are beyond the scope of this writing. Thanks, President George, for this update.


Our program will be Rima Nashashibi, Global Hope 365 for prevention of Human Trafficking, and will talk about: "Is Child Marriage Legal in the United States?" She is a dynamic and informative speaker!