Spindrift November 12, 2020

Our latest luncheon convened indoors at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, and Pres. George Lesley began with a very creative invocation. He passed the mic individually to all the attendees, who collectively contributed their thoughts and thanks to our Supreme Being for keeping us safe and healthy; for getting us (almost!!) through a very stressful political election process; for the comfort of family and friends; for the heroism of our first responders, etc. Our distinguished Program Chair, Mitch Mitchell, then led us in the flag salute.


There were 19 members present who were served lunch. In addition to our featured speaker, there were three guests in attendance: Karen Francis, who was our featured speaker a month ago from the OC Child and Family Guidance Center; Diane Daruty, who is principal and coordinator of the Newport Beach Spirit Run; and Todd Summers, son of Roger Summers, one of our newer members. All are considering membership in the Club.

Unfortunately, the meeting was not broadcast on Zoom for the benefit of those who were unable or unwilling to attend.

Todd & Roger Summers

The results of the Week#5 Football Pool were announced by Football Commissioner and Pres-Elect Mike Gertner….Dr. Bob Wood won with an incredible 14 of 20 correct guesses!

In an effort to increase our visibility in our community, attract interested people to our website, and increase our membership and sponsorships, the Chair of Public Relations for our Club, Dave Schapiro, has convened an ad hoc PR Advisory Committee meeting last week, which focused on advertising our Club, our weekly speakers, etc. in StuNews Newport. Working with the editors of StuNews, samples of an advertisement will be presented to the ECNH Board of Directors for their approval at the next Board meeting. If you are not already a subscriber, please visit the website at www.stunewsnewport.com and sign up; it’s free! For more information, please contact Dave at davidschapiro1@cox.net.....Dave is also requesting that all members please submit names, email addresses, and/or mobile phone contacts for the editors of the monthly homeowners association newsletters to him so that we can look into the possibility of advertising our big events to their communities within Newport Beach and surrounding areas.


Jack Dalbey, a long-time member of our Club, has passed away, according to his daughter, Robin. Jack served as President of the CA/NV District Exchange while a member.

Our Speaker of the Week was Cory Vigil, Veteran Service Officer for the American Legion Newport Har-bor Post 291. Cory is himself a veteran of the Marine Corps and was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan during his tour of duty. In his current position with the American Legion, he is involved with all aspects of veterans services, including homelessness, addiction, alcoholism, PTSD, and child and domestic abuse. He oversees the AL Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund, coordinating that funding source with funding from other private and governmental sources of funding to provide much-needed help to as many veterans and their families as possible.

Cory Vigil
Mike Gertner, Cynthia Strasmann

There are currently approximately 270 homeless veterans in Orange County, and the American Legion is active in providing financial assistance to many of them, to help in paying rent, etc., in coordination with the VA, law enforcement, and the other non-profit agencies throughout the County. Among the non- profits that Cory and the AL works with are the following:

Strong Families, Strong Children – a collaboration of non-profit organizations, overseen by the Child Guidance Center (www.cffutures.org ), partnering with Human Options, Families Forward(www.familiesforward.org ), Child and Family Futures, and Veterans Legal Institute.

Human Options - an organization to which our Club has donated, furnishes a crisis hotline assisting in responding to women and families dealing with abusive relationships. (www.humanoptions.org )

Veterans Legal Institute – providing legal assistance to the homeless, disabled, and low-income current and former service members to mitigate barriers to housing, healthcare, employment, and education (www.vetslegal.com ).

Goodwill of OC’s Tierney Center for Veterans Services – a comprehensive resource serving veterans and their families: employment, career counseling, legal assistance, etc.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (www.va.gov ).

All these organizations work together to furnish financial, material, professional, and/or legal assistance to those who need it most; individuals who qualify are vetted and processed by the agency in which they enter the system, including the AL, and may be referred to one or more of the services provided. For more information, please visit the websites above, or contact Cory at coryvigil61@gmail.com, or his cell number, (714) 643-3584.

Ed. Note – Be Safe and Stay Healthy! D.S.