Spindrift 3, 2023


Our last meeting, a business meeting, convened in the card room at the Bahia Corinthian, and 20 members were in attendance. President Shirley Lashmett called the meeting to order and asked Ken DuFour to give his “Thought for the Day”, which was “Dear Lord, help us remember that waking up is the first thing we should be grateful for”. Dave Schapiro led the congregants in the flag salute.


Pres. Shirley informed us that the site of this year’s Installation Dinner will be Gulliver’s Restaurant across from the airport. She noted that there have been a number of complaints (including her own) about the quality of the food that we were served last year at Five Crowns. Shirley passed out a signup sheet detailing the available dates (either Monday, 8/28 or Tuesday, 8/29). Shirley also added that the net proceeds of the weekly raffle are retained in a Social Fund, and that the Club will reimburse $50 to each couple who attend the Installation Event and who regularly attend our weekly meetings. If you have plans on attending, with or without a spouse or significant other, please contact Shirley…..George Lesley reported that the renovation of the Lido Theater will be completed this year sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. There is therefore little likelihood that we will be having a First-Run Movie Event this year. Ideally, we would want to schedule it between May and October for favorable weather, daylight hours, and avoidance of major end-of-year holidays….Ed Romeo suggested that we make available brochures, membership applications, and other informational materials at our weekly meetings so that members can have convenient access to them.


Our resident genius, Dr. Bob Wood, reviewed the Minutes of last week’s Board of Directors meeting. A quorum of nine Board members was present, President Shirley Lashmett stated that she will make appointments for Committee chairpersons prior to our August Board meeting.


Ross Stewart, Field General at this year’s Field of Honor, reported that the FOH Committee will be meeting sometime in August, much earlier than in previous years, to discuss planning for next year’s event.


Richard Swinney, overseeing fundraising activities, stated that he has been in contact with Greg Washer, and when the Lido Theater again becomes available as a venue for an event, Greg will be able to obtain a pre-release movie.


Shirley commented that New Member Applications should be processed in a more timely manner, and that, if necessary, our policies and procedures should be updated to reflect this.


Perennial Program Chair Mitch Mitchell presented the list of programs for the next month, which are outlined on today’s masthead.


P.R. Chair Dave Schapiro asked the Board to plan a special “thank you” to Stu News for the more-than
-expected coverage we received for the 2023 FOH. George, Ken and Dave will make recommendations to the Board.


The Club will extend an honorary membership to N.B. Police Chief Joe Cartwright and Costa Mesa Police Chief Ronald Lawrence.


Dr. Bob presented an income and expense report for the 2023 FOH. Please contact Dr. Bob for de-
tails if interested.


Richard Swinney reported that the 1:1 Foundation will be having its annual Mess Night fundraising event at the Balboa Bay Club on September 21. The Board has approved a donation of $10,000 to the Foundation from the net proceeds of the FOH, and will be deciding to purchase a table at the Mess Night event using part of the donation…..Richard and Victoria Lermann, the Ukrainian refugee sponsor, have discussed a club-hosted BBQ at the N.B. Community Center near the Lesleys on Friday, August 18. George will investigate the availability of the common area.


There were 5 members who participated in the Joke Contest. George Lesley: Two good friends graduate from Michigan State at age 21 and decide to get together every 10 years for golf, dinner, and catch up. At age 31, they decide to go to Hooters because the waitresses are dressed in tight shorts, big boobs, etc. At 41, they decided on Hooters because the food is great, etc.. At 51, they chose Hooters because of the large number of bigscreen TVs. At 61, they went to Hooters because they have great wings, etc. At 71, again Hooters because of the great diet salads. At 81, Hooters because they have great handicapped parking. At 91, Hooters because we’ve never been there before! Dr. Bob: Cars and Confucious: Man who run in front of car gets tired, man who run behind car get exhausted; man who drive like hell will get there! Joe Brown had everyone close their eyes and concentrate on his joke and he will try to transport it by telepathy. He wanted everyone to raise their hand if they got the joke. After a few minutes of no response, it was determined that the joke was on us! Leo Fracalosy – In Arkansas, a redneck is on trial, and the judge states “You have been accused of having sex with a dog, a horse, a cat, a cow, and a goat.” One rednecked juror says to another: “a goat?”! Ed Romeo told a funny story. When he was an 8th grade teacher, he broke up a fight in the school cafeteria and asking one of them why they were fighting; it was because he called Ed baldy, and the other said that “nobody but the kids in your class can call you baldy!” Another from Leo: In teaching European history about WWII, one student’s answer to what happened to Anne Frank was that she died of constipation, as explained by an 8th grade student who saw the title of the book: “The Diarrhea of Anne Frank”!

George and Leo (for the goat story) tied for the funniest jokes.

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Mike Marquardt

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