Spindrift June 2, 2022


Mike Gertner opened the meeting. Ken Dufour asked God to guide our honorees to become the best citizens they can be and thanked Him for all He’s given us and the beautiful place we live. Jeff Yeargain led the Pledge.


Cynthia Strasmann introduced herself as chair of the Accepting the Challenge of Excellence program (ACE). She explained the ACE award recognizes graduating high school students who have persevered and performed exceptionally in spite of obstacles. Each ACE award recipient receives a $3,000 scholarship to further their education. Also, Cynthia decorated the room beautifully, including decorative baskets with balloons and candy as centerpieces which the students took home.

Cynthia welcomed the awardees and guests and acknowledged their principals and counselors. Dr. Michelle Stevens, Assistant Principal at Back Bay, was present for Back Bay and Monte Vista High Schools. Josh Hill, Principal, and Gina Nyeholt, Counselor, represented Corona del Mar High. Counselors attended on behalf of Costa Mesa, Early College, Estancia, and Newport Harbor High schools including Back Bay High Group Photo Orange Coast College (OCC), then a degree at a 4-year college. Frances Daly will pursue nursing, forensics, or a neuroscience career and will help others. Silvestre Gonzalez will study thodontics, or software engineering. He desires to be a good role model and to educate others. Frances DalyJacyln Gonzalez, Jami Gulini, Mindy Savage, and Nicole Mack, respectively.

Back Bay & Monte Vista High:  Isabella Maez-Akins intends to complete her general education requirements at Orange Coast College (OCC), then a degree at a 4-year college.

Back Bay Students

Back Bay High Group Photo

Isabella Maez-Akins

Frances Daly

Frances Daly will pursue nursing, forensics, or a neuroscience career and will help others.

Silvestre Gonzalez

Silvestre Gonzalez will study music, orthodontics, or software engineering. He desires to be a good role model and to educate others.

Valeria Sanchez-Lopez

Valeria Sanchez Lopez plans to pursue a career in the medical field. She would also like to become a phlebotomist and looks forward to saving money for a car and living independently.

Christopher Navarro

Christopher Navarro will pursue a certification in welding at OCC. He hopes to help poor communities, immigrants, and homeless.

Marcos Ruiz

Marcos Ruiz wants to be a mechanic and a trainer and to help support his family.

Ashley Stanwick

Ashley Stanwick will pursue general education classes at a 2-year college, then a 4-year degree in a technology


Corona del Mar High: Eric Thompson will study political science and law with the goal of fighting injustice and helping others.

Caitlyn Roum

Costa Mesa High: Caitlyn Roum plans to be a nurse and to advocate for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Caitlyn was the female ACE awardee at the California/ Nevada District level.

Anabelle Pham

Early College HighAnabelle Pham’s immediate Caitlyn Roum goal is to start or volunteer for a non-profit providing the poor basic healthcare. She will attend UCLA in Biological Sciences and intends to pursue a medical career.

Estancia HighMaria Ceja-Ceja will study health sciences with an emphasis in pre-med at Chapman University.

Maria Ceja-Ceja

Newport Harbor High:  William Yanez will study kinesiology or business and wants to help those in need.

William Yanez

Each recipient thanked their parents and school and our club. Their joy was obvious and their parents were very proud.

Cynthia concluded by acknowledging the students’ grit and determination and advised this will help them conquer the opportunities and challenges they will face. She offered three pieces of advice: (1) be intentional about goals and welcome mistakes because they allow growth; (2) understand your strengths and weaknesses and pursue your passions; and (3) recognize the value in yourself and use your unique gifts to benefit others.




June 2  - Jim Carson, “Survivor2Leader.org, regarding helping-sex trafficking survivors”

June 9 - Nancy Scarbrough, the formation of the Land

Pres. Mike Gertner

Trust in Newport Beach with the Ritz Carlton Residences Development

June 16  - Business Meeting

June 23 - Duncan Forgey, his life in Hawaii and book, “Flyin’ Kai, A Pelican’s Tale”

This week we will be at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. Lunch will be served at 12:20 pm. You will be emailed an invitation two days before the meeting. Please notify Richard Swinney by this Wed 2 PM if you are planning on attending.