Spindrift March 18, 2021

Outdoor Exchange Club Meeting

ZOOM/LIVE MEETING With the promise of meeting indoors, we had excel-lent attendance of about 20 people. We planned on meeting indoors but unfortunately we were misinformed and we met outside on a very chilly day! We’re told that we will be meeting indoors on the 18th though and we’re looking forward to that! Some of…

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Spindrift March 11, 2021

ZOOM/LIVE MEETINGThere were 17 in attendance on the outside patio of the BCYC, including two guests of Dr. Bob Wood and Roy Schlemon: Bernie Rubio, who is the manager of the Fitness Authority gym on Old Newport; and Scott Uhl, who serves as their personal fitness trainer there. This is Bernie’s second consecutive guest appearance…

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Spindrift March 4, 2021

ZOOM/LIVE MEETING! Beginning at about 12:10, President George Lesley opened with a thoughtful prayer of appreciation for the blessings we have been given, followed by the salute to the flag led by Ed Romeo. George’s weekly quiz posed solar system questions on the number of craft we have sent to Mars (5), how far is…

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