Spindrift April 15, 2021

Denton Knapp & George Lesley

ZOOM/LIVE MEETING Starting right at 12:15, President George Lesley provided an invocation: “In Hastings, Nebraska, a group of farmers gathered for breakfast. Farmer Arthur led the prayer. ‘Lord, I hate buttermilk, lard, and flour, but know when they’re mixed and baked, they become warm biscuits,’ he prayed. ‘Lord, when life gets hard and we don’t…

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Spindrift April 8, 2021

ZOOM/LIVE MEETING President George Lesley began the meeting with an expression of gratitude to God for our continuing health; for the success of our COVID-19 vaccination programs; and that we continue to follow the rules in order to put the pandemic behind us. George then asked for rain, but not on the weekends! Shirley Lashmett…

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