Spindrift October 03, 2019

President Ken DuFour called the meeting to order and led us in prayer. Deane Bottorf was called upon to lead us in saluting our flag.

Dave Schapiro is a strong advocate for getting flu shots every year. The Flu kills 43,000 every year in the U.S; mostly the old and very young. This group fits that demographic and David strongly urges us to pay heed. Fever, muscle aches and fatigue set on quickly with the flu; dry persistent coughing, chills, and sweats follow. It lasts for a week and a half and can lead to pneumonia. You should consider getting a pneumonia shot too if you haven’t had one in the last 5-10 years. The flu is ever-mutating and circling the globe. You need to get a new flu shot every year. Immunity lasts for 6 months so getting a shot now will last you through the season. It takes two weeks until optimal benefit from a flu shot, they’re available at pharmacies and doctor offices. As always, check with your doctor before getting a flu shot.


Bob Wood announced that the service for Joan Barnett, Ron Barnett’s, will be held at Methodist Church, 1701 Baker, Costa Mesa, Oct 5, Saturday, 10:30 AM.

Football Commissioner Mike Gertner presented the results of the latest football pool. Garry TeWinkle got a chance to play for free with a low score of 6 right. Dave Robins took 2nd place and WC Fox won the top prize of $30.

The CDM Exchange Club’s 15th Annual Charity Raffle results were announced. A lot of us paired up in the raffle. We bought our tickets on our own but the draws happened to eliminate many of us one immediately following another. Shirley Lashmett regaled us with the drama of the draw! We had one notable winner in our club though. Craig Board-man was in the final round of drawing and they all had agreed to share the winnings (it’s part of the charm of this contest) so Craig got his $1375 share of $5500! Way to go Craig!


Ed Romeo reminded us of the Boutique and Rummage Sale at the OASIS Senior Center this Friday, October 4th (9a-2p, $3 entry) & Saturday, October 5th (9a-2p, Free).They will have: Housewares* Kitchen Items* Small Electric Appliances* Jewelry* Linens* Collectibles* Small Furniture* Small An-tiques* Purses* Notions* Office Supplies* Arts & Crafts* Pictures/Frames* Books* Toys* Holiday Items and Decorations*

Cyndi Hunt and Lauren Slivinski came to talk to us about The Phoenix, a healing space for people recovering from substance use disorders.

As we’re well aware, our community and Costa Mesa, in particular, has been hit pretty hard by homelessness and addiction. Rehab centers seem to be contributing significantly to the problem by dumping their patients when their insurance payments run dry. Orange County is the epicenter of this particular scourge. Lauren tells us that the OC Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Advisory Board’s study showed an 82% increase in A&D deaths; mostly due to opioids. This is a significant burden, costing coastal cities $213 Million over 2 years. We lose 700 people a year in Orange County to drugs and alcohol.

People need care after rehab to increase the likelihood of continued sobriety. The Phoenix came to Orange County 4 years ago to address this dire need. Pheonix was started 12 years ago in Colorado. They use yoga, running, climbing, hiking, CrossFit and other active pursuits in combating isolation shame and hopelessness that leads to addiction. Their events are free and available to those with at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety. They use a peer to peer model creating a healing community culture with an intentional focus on safety, inclusivity and being of service to others in need. They engage in partnerships with treatment centers for things like day visits in order to provide a bridge for those in treatment


Cyndi Hunt (center) introduced Lauren Slivinski (right), the Hunt’s are avid supporters of The Pheonix. Cyndi and her husband Chan (left) own Orange County Monster Carts, they support us by providing the carts we use for the Field of Honor.

Lauren had received treatment from one of the rehab houses. You see, Lauren was an active child and a good student, becoming a Molecular Biologist. She had a great job in Los Angeles. She progressively became an alcoholic in her mid 20’s. Her family didn’t know what to do. Recovery programs don’t create a living and social environment. Then she saw an ad for Phoenix, applied, and got the job!

She sees first hand that it works, creating community and connection. Group workouts are bonding. She sees confidence, coping skills, and self-esteem improve for all participants.


Lauren introduced Larry Buckelew. Larry has owned homes here since ’91. He has 3 sons. In 2005 he retired and started working hard to keep his sons alive. Ten years ago his son was dying from heroin. Money and medicine weren’t working. At the same time, Larry heard from Scott Strode, founder of The Phoenix. This auspicious contact came from Scott because of the rehab and drug demographics in Orange County. Larry was instrumental in getting The Phoenix open here in Costa Mesa in 2014. Larry’s sons are doing well with one becoming a degreed counselor and another is the VP of Operations at a garage door company that advertises around here… a lot! Larry says that he’s found The Phoenix to be very helpful.

The Phoenix is a 501-C3 and operates on $500k/yr. They’re located at 850 W. 18th Street, Costa Mesa. They invite us to visit any time! Thank you all for coming and speaking with us about your terrific bridge in recovery for our community!


RAFFLE - Richard Swinney $10, Norm VonHerzen $20.


GREETER— Tom “Naughty” Naughton is a prankster. Give him your money and you might get some tickets.

Steve Pool - Reporter